Monday, December 19, 2011

Koch Organized Crime 03 CSE Dick Armey Tea Party.wmv

Koch Organized Crime 03 CSE Dick Armey Tea Party.wmv

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Records show that Dick Armey, CSE (Citizens for a Sound Economy), Freedomworks were all busy creating the astroturf fake grassroots Tea Party Movement. was in use by CSE as early as 2002, CSE was involved in tobacco frauds and crimes on record before 1996. Dick Armey and CSE were collaborating by 1997, and using the phrase "Tea Party" by 2000. David Koch, RJ Reynolds Tobacco Company, Philip Morris Tobacco Company, and the Tobacco Institute were footing the bills for Tea Party CSE/Freedomworks astroturfing frauds by 1996 and earlier. Koch had stuffed CSE and Cato Institute full of Tobacco fraudsters before the mid 1990s, and connections between Koch CSE and tobacco were established with Herman Cain while he was at National Restaurant Association and simultaneously director of RJ-Reynolds-Nabisco.

Koch Organized Crime 01.wmv
Koch Organized Crime 02 Seitz-Cato-RJR-Tobacco.wmv
Herman Cain Told Whopper - Koch Organized Crime 02.wmv